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Grok McTanys

Hello... name is grok_mctanys and almost exactly 3 years ago I weighed myself for the first time in a long time, and realised that I'd gone from ~9st7 (age 20) to 14st1 (age ~29) on my 5'7 frame.

Bloody metabolism.

Still, since then, I changed my eating habits in a few small but significant ways (cutting out junk snacks, slightly smaller portion sizes, etc...) and slowly dropped to around 12st12 over the course of a year. And there I stayed. Occasionally going down to 12st10, sometimes up to 13st0, but not really shifting more than that.

Six months ago, I started running home from work a couple of times a week. This was good, and kick-started the weight loss again. I dropped to 12st3 in about 3.5 months, at which point I got Achilles tendonitis and had to stop running. Fortunately, and somewhat unexpectedly, my weight continued to drop a bit since then, going down to 12st0, and I managed to only put 2lb back on over Christmas![0]

Now, with Christmas and new year over, and with a proper pair of running shoes (hey, running in any old trainers worked fine when I was 18, how was I supposed to realise that I might start to *age* eventually?) and my Achilles tendons not having complained in the slightest for the past 3 weeks, the plan is to run a bit more and try to get down to 11st this year, while (probably more importantly) actually getting somewhat fit, in the cardiovascular sense.

Good luck to everyone else in whatever goals you set for yourself.

[0] I was trying quite hard there - I mostly managed to resist boxes of chocolates being passed around, and skipped a couple of evening meals when I'd had ginormous lunches and wasn't that hungry anyway.
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