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I went to the gym today.
I live near London and work in Edinburgh, so I've been in Edinburgh for the past three days, with my exercise being limited to cycling a few miles in drenching rain (see my LJ post about leaking office) and crazy gales. Cycling for real is nothing like cycling in the gym, coz you have to take it slowly so that there's energy remaining for traffic awareness and red lights.
So on my first day back within range of the gym, I'm finding that it's harder than usual to get myself out of the house and to the exercise machines, but also that once I'm there the exercise is way easier. I upped the levels on all the machines and weights, and still had energy for a 20minute swim.
I'm headed to Sheffield for a week tomorrow, though, and I'm concerned that all the effort I've been putting into my "get fit" campaign will come undone with a gym and cycle free week. :(
Maybe I'll take my swimming kit and find a pool.
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